Improving the energy efficiency of the pipeline through a systematic approach to energy conservation of fuel and energy resources is seen as a topical direction for the company's development. In order to achieve maximum efficiency of use of fuel and energy resources, in October 2015, the system of energy management was introduced in OJSC Gomeltransneft Druzhba. The main advantages of implementing the system are the ability to use fuel and energy resources more efficiently, a systematic approach to energy conservation, allowing to make more effective decisions based on analysis statistical and evidence. In December 2015, following a certification audit of the energy management system, a certificate of compliance was obtained certifying that the implemented energy management system for oil transportation through oil pipelines ISO 50001-2013.

The JSC has developed and implemented an Energy Policy, reflecting the organization's energy management strategy, which includes management's commitment to compliance and continuous performance improvement. The implementation of the Energy Policy is carried out through the achievement of established goals and objectives in the field of energy management.

In connection with the expiration of the certificate of compliance in November 2018, the specialists of the State Enterprise "Gomelsky CSMS" together with representatives of the Gomel Regional Directorate for the Supervision of Rational Use Fuel and energy resources have been re-certified by the Energy Management System for oil transportation through the OJSC Gomeltransneft Druzhba oil pipelines to meet the requirements of STB ISO 50001-2013. According to its results, the company's energy management system is recognized as effective and compliant with the requirements of STB ISO 50001-2013.