Providing high-quality, reliable and safe oil transportation services, developing design documentation for construction sites, producing construction and installation and special works using best practices, modern equipment and technology.

To become a leader among the organizations of the country's petrochemical complex, providing the highest quality services and creating opportunities for professional growth and development of its employees.

Achieving a high level of quality of oil transportation services, performing the functions of the customer, the developer, providing engineering services for integrated management of construction activities and technical supervision in construction, development of project documentation for construction projects, construction and installation works; protection of life and health of workers; environmental safety.

  • Strict implementation of international and national rules and regulations, reasonable requirements of consumers in all areas of production;

  • Consumer focus - constant study of the requirements and customer satisfaction with the quality of services provided;

  • The consumer is the main figure and meaning of every employee of the organization; Continuous improvement in the planning and organization of all production processes to minimise negative impacts on workers and the environment;

  • Ensuring the safety, health of workers and people living in the areas of the organization's activities;

  • Minimizing risks and preventing the risk of occupational injuries and occupational diseases;

  • Ensuring that systems for monitoring and monitoring the quality of service delivery, health and safety are in operation;

  • Improving competitiveness in the oil transportation services market by achieving recognition at the national and international level as a competent and reliable partner;

  • The personal involvement and responsibility of the organization's leaders in quality assurance activities; A clear distribution of staff responsibilities and powers;

  • Improving the training of each employee of Homeltransneft Friendship; the desire to permanently reduce the negative impact of the organization's activities on the environment and the management of natural resources;

  • Compliance with environmental compliance commitments; Implementation of environmentally efficient energy-saving technologies and modern technology, rational use of material, labour and financial resources;

  • Continuous improvement of quality management system, labor protection management system, environmental management system in accordance with the requirements of the standards of the Republic of Belarus STB ISO 9001-2015, STB 18001-2009, STB ISO 14001-2017;

  • Support for contacts with public authorities and the public, and the desire for constructive dialogue with all stakeholders on issues related to the organization's policies and activities in the areas of quality, health and the environment.

The management of JSC "Gomeltransneft Druzhba" undertakes obligations and is responsible for providing funds and resources to ensure the implementation of this Policy, maintaining and improving the performance of quality management systems, occupational health and the environment, the creation and support of the internal environment in which the staff is fully involved in the tasks assigned to the organization.